Lake Forest College Athletics Mission Statement

At various Forester Athletics venues and in several of the College's publications, you will find the words "LAKE FOREST COLLEGE: A Tradition of Excellence." This "excellence" is what the athletic department strives for in every aspect of our programming. Whether it is varsity athletics, club sports, intramurals, physical education, or general recreation, we encourage participation, honor, achievement, and most of all, commend effort. All programs embrace the principles of gender equity, cultural diversity, sportsmanship, and fair play. Members of the Athletic Department support the College's mission by consistently challenging students to reach their potential as students and as athletes. We support and encourage academic excellence and take great pride in the students who excel academically. Similarly, we take great pride in those students who excel athletically.

All in all, we want every student involved with our program to feel they are part of a quality program, and that in some way, they add to our tradition of "excellence."