Rogers and De Courcy Recipients of the Ry McCarthy and Peter Taylor Award

Rogers and De Courcy Recipients of the Ry McCarthy and Peter Taylor Award

By Julie Lord

For the 24th year, the Lake Forest College men’s hockey team voted for the recipient of the Peter Taylor Award. This season the award was presented to Louis-Philippe De Courcy who for the past four years has carried the Foresters with his outstanding talent, leadership, and love for the game of hockey.

The senior goalie explains, “It means a lot to be recognized by my teammates. Considering the history of the award and the quality of the players on our team, it definitely was special to earn it.” He adds, “to receive this award in my final year makes everything that much sweeter.”

The award is another stepping-stone for De Courcy who was wearing skates before he even knew how to tie his shoes. He recalls, “My passion for hockey started when I was about 4 years old. My dad was a goalie and I always wanted to be like him. He used to show me his equipment and I would wear it around the house and goof around.”

Goofing around soon turned into serious dedication both on and off the ice. After receiving a Hockey Scholarship at The Hotchkiss School, a prestigious boarding school in New England, the Canadian drew attention to himself for his excellent performance at Lake Forest College. De Courcy explains, “I always played my hardest for our team and I think that is why my teammates thought I was a good candidate for the award.”

Away from the rink, De Courcy excels in both the classroom and workplace. De Courcy secured a full-time position as an investment banking analyst at Stout Investment Bank after finishing a summer internship with the company. He notes, “After having experienced the real world last summer, I know what is waiting for me after graduation.”

Until then, the award-recipient is simply trying to soak everything in and spend time with the people who have made this place so special for him. He explains, “I will miss the camaraderie and the pressure of competing during games. Being in the locker room with my teammates and being able to be this close to a group of guys is something that cannot be replicated anywhere.”

Junior Jacque Rodgers can relate to this feeling of team bonding all too well. For the second year in the row, she was chosen by her teammates to receive the Ry McCarthy award. Rogers explains, “I am deeply touched to be given this award. I aim to follow in Ry’s footsteps and live my life with passion and spirit like she did.” She adds, “I am beyond grateful for my teammates, coaches, and especially Ry’s mom for this award.”

Ry McCarthy was a former Forester who sadly had to end her career on the ice when she diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, an extremely aggressive form of cancer. Even though Ry lost her battle with cancer in 2009, her spirit, determination, dedication, and love for the game of hockey is kept alive by players like Rogers.   

The goalie notes, “It always brings a smile to my face whenever anyone talks to me about Ry. Even though I never had the opportunity to meet Ry, based on those conversations, I feel as though I know her. She was so positive, dedicated, and full of life.”

The same positivity, dedication, sportsmanship and love for hockey was instilled in Rogers at a very young age by her family. She recalls, “Growing up, my older brother, Joe, played hockey, so I was always at the rink from a young age. From watching him compete to the days when I first started to play, I have always been happy in an ice rink.”

This happiness turned into a passion that went far beyond the ice rink. Jacque explains, “My love for the game of hockey continued to grow with lifelong friendships, life lessons, and many opportunities for growth as a person.”

Rogers has not only grown individually, but also together with her teammates. “We have been playing really well as a team. I love when we are all clicking and continuously improving,” she reflects. “As for the rest of the season, our team goals are to keep rolling and win the Slaats Cup this year and make a statement in the NCAA Tournament.”

Congratulations to Louis-Philippe De Courcy and Jacque Rogers on becoming the recipients of these two awards and best of luck in the remainder of the season!

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