Ride With The Lake Forest College Equestrian Club!

Ride With The Lake Forest College Equestrian Club!

Do you enjoy horseback riding, either leisurely or competitively? If so, the Lake Forest College Equestrian Club may be a great student organization to check out! Equestrian, a sport centered around the handling, riding and training of horses, is popular among collegiate clubs, and ours is currently growing!

The Equestrian Club is affiliated with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) and will attend competitions against other clubs within the Midwest region including institutions such as UW-Madison, UW-Lacrosse and Ripon.

The club works directly with Mill Creek Farm located in Antioch, Illinois. In partnership with Mill Creek Farm, the team is coached by their trainer, the owner of the farm, and has access to their horses for practice and riding purposes. During competition, the Foresters compete in Novice Flat/Fence, Intermediate Flat/Fence and Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter events. When competing, the team participates in what is known as catch-riding, which is the random drawing of horses provided to them for each of their events. “While it is nice to work with a horse and get to know them personally, catch riding teaches unique handling skills, as well as how to be adaptable and flexible with your training” said Helen Brinckerhoff, a member of the Equestrian Team Competition designation.  She goes on to say that, “it lends well to both experienced and new riders, as well as maintains fair competition.”

For those who enjoy horseback riding, but are not up to the intensity of intercollegiate competition, the club offers three designations. The first is “Club” designation, which is for members who want to be a part of the organization, but are unable to make time or trips to the farm to ride. These members attend meetings, socials, and on campus events with the club, and there is no charge to maintain this designation. The “Recreational” designation consists of members of the organization who would like to ride and work with the horses, but are unable or unwilling to compete. This designation costs $25 to maintain. For those interested in the “Competitive” designation, the most involved of the three, members compete 4-6 times throughout the year and train all year round. The team consistently places in the top three in their different events at these competitions. The cost to hold this designation is $40.

If you are interested in learning more about the Equestrian Team, you can find them tabling at all Forester Fairs, or you can contact Helen Brinckerhoff at brinckerhoff@mx.lakeforest.edu. The club is specifically seeking competitive members to represent the team in the Open and Walk/Trot events, but all students interested in horseback riding are welcome and encouraged to join!

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